April 20, 2010


Due to Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland, our flights were cancelled to Europe! New plan - heading to San Francisco. Besides the actual location, nothing about the Epic Man journey is changing except we will be eating more Rice a Roni and less Bangers and Mash. Stay tuned to "The Epic Man" facebook page for updates from the trip! We are still carrying on the fundraising through the rest of the journey to grant EPIC Wishes! Please click the link below to help support. When you donate, you will have a chance to guess our marathon time in SF. (Some insider info when guessing....we a...re VERY SORE). Winner gets 2 tickets to Red Bull Air Race NYC in June! Help us reach our own goal of $3,000 in addition to the appx. $9,000 we have already raised through participation in the EPIC cruise & kayak!


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  1. Love reading about this adventure! (Cate Bres pointed me to the site.) Just subscribed to your RSS to keep up. Best of luck!