December 13, 2010

Always Be Epic TV - Episode 2 - Tyler Bradbury

As promised - "Flip" is back delivering the introduction to our newest Epic Man 2011 team member. We are excited to announce that Tyler Bradbury will be joining us for the entire Epic Man journey! Check out the video and find out why Tyler has decided to join the team in 2011 and what being Epic means to him. Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK PAGE and for more team members to be announced! Tyler has "passed the torch" (aka "Flip") to the next team member who is currently filming their introduction. Who will it be?!

December 8, 2010

Always Be Epic TV - EPISODE 1 - Epic Man 2011 Preview

No, this is not a commercial for Flip Cameras. It is an introduction to the newest member of the team for 2011.

The goal of "The Epic Man" is to carry and share the message of inspiration to the masses to challenge yourself and others to "Always be Epic" in all areas of life.

Over the last two years since we started "The Epic Man", we have had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by so many amazing people with Epic stories to tell. This year more than ever, we have seen many of these individuals step forward and challenge themselves to bring their inspiring stories to the Epic Man journey by committing to all or part of the Epic Man in April 2011. Enter...."Flip".

"Flip" will be the one and only "torch" that will travel around the USA between now and April 2011 to meet all of the individuals who are committing to "Always be Epic" in 2011 and who will be part of our Epic Man 2011 team. We want to share their stories and have you get to know them since they will be the backbone of the Epic Man in 2011.

Every time Flip visits a new team member, that person will film themselves and introduce who they are, what they are all about, and share some Epic inspiration as they begin their journey as part of the Epic Man team. When they have finished filming, they will leave a note or something special on Flip, and send him on to the next person.

We will release each video one-by-one over the coming months to The Epic Man website, and our FACEBOOK PAGE. If you would like to meet Flip and be part of the team, just let us know and we will arrange a good time for Flip to visit you. We may also reach out directly to you, and ask (aka CHALLENGE!) you if you would like to arrange a visit with Flip. Be on the lookout!

Once a majority of the Epic Man 2011 team has been introduced....we will announce additional details on what Epic Man 2011 looks like. In the meantime, we look forward to you getting to know the newest members of the team!

August 10, 2010

Josh's EPIC WISH Ride Complete!

70 miles complete - and 100+ kids @ Camp No Limits in Rome, ME (along with countless others) completely inspired by Josh and his incredible Journey. Stay tuned for pictures and follow-up from Epic Wish #1...

Sun Journal Article


Epic Wish - Channel 8



Epic Wish - Channel 6 Article & Video

Article LINK

July 22, 2010

"EPIC WISH" Recipient #1 - Josh Kennison!

Thanks to the support we received from all of you (through numerous high 5's and even more high "$$5's") we are excited & proud to announce our first "Epic Wish" recipient, Josh Kennison.

The "Epic Man" journey was (and will continue to be) about achieving goals, providing (and taking) inspiration from friends and strangers, and ultimately about striving to BE all things EPIC.

Our goal in raising money to grant "Epic Wishes" partnering with The Sisters Wish, was to find those individuals that have their own Epic goals or story to tell, and be able to provide them with the inspiration and means to accomplish their own "Epic Man" – so they can in turn inspire others to BE EPIC, being the EPIC individuals that they are.

Plain and simple, Josh Kennison is Epic. Josh Kennison is a quadruple congenital amputee (meaning he was born without feet or arms below the elbow). Josh has not let that slow him down one bit - his long list of personal accomplishments to date, and his personal goals for the future are noble and inspiring to say the least.

When we asked Josh - "what is your Epic Man?" His idea and goal was to ride a bike from his home in South Paris, ME to Camp No Limits (where he is a counselor) in Rome, ME for the start of one of the summer sessions. Camp No Limits is a non-profit organization providing camps that mentor and support children with limb loss.

South Paris, ME to Rome, ME is approximately 65 miles! This will no doubt be one EPIC journey! The first step in granting Josh's EPIC WISH was to outfit him with a killer new bike that would allow him to make the long trek. During the weekend of July 11 & 12 we sent Josh to Lake Placid, NY to pick out a bike from Placid Planet Bikes and work with Jeff Erenstone at Mountain Orthodic & Prosthetic Services to custom fit a bike for him.

Check out a few of the pictures of Josh on his trip with the new ride! (Photo Credits: Jeff Erenstone)

Next up: Josh is currently training for the bike ride. Will and Seth are training as well, and will be making the trek from South Paris,ME to Rome,ME with Josh on August 3rd. Awaiting our arrival at Camp No Limits will be all of the new campers who will no doubt be inspired to "BE EPIC" themselves through Josh's recent (and future) accomplishments!

Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates on the new bike, the training, and the 65 mile ride that will complete Josh's EPIC WISH!

July 2, 2010

Epic Man 2010: Boston to..........San Fran?!

The Volcano in Iceland didnt allow us to carry out the original plan to head right to Europe and run the London Marathon. Instead, we got a couple hours of sleep, woke up the next morning and started searching for marathons around the world. We almost went to Peru, Brazil, Madrid, Costa Rica, and even Iceland - but finally landed on San Francisco. A great host city for the 2nd leg of Epic Man 2010. With no plan but to run a marathon the next Sunday, here is a quick photo recap of what went down:

Boston T card-->Red Sox Game-->Airline ticket-->SF Train ticket-->Mojito
Crashed with Ed and Lisa. Ed ran the marathon with us and killed it.
Did our fair share of partying leading up to the marathon (Those are not our coats)
Went and checked out Mavericks Surf. Status = epic
Went for a sailing Race in SF Bay. Seth almost fell off the boat
Skydiving? You won't do it.........
Skydiving and then Wine Tasting in Napa- opposites attract
Morning of the marathon!
Marin County Marathon & EPIC MAN 2010 DONE.
2 hours after Marathon Finish....Giants Game!
Tattoos. This is Will's leg.
Seth's tattoo goes a little something like this:

Epic Man 2010: Portland to Boston

Be sure to check out photos of the Portland to Boston journey below:
Michael Young: Stop Down Fire (click for link)
Peter Thomas: Warehouse Graphics (click for link)

April 20, 2010


Our friend Jeff Carvalho at had these amazing posters produced for us. Styleproof designed then, and Repeat Press in Somerville took care of the printing. Only 50 were made and we have about 30 left. If you would like to purchase one of them (all $$ goes to help grant EPIC wishes) please e-mail We are asking a minimum $25 donation!


Due to Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland, our flights were cancelled to Europe! New plan - heading to San Francisco. Besides the actual location, nothing about the Epic Man journey is changing except we will be eating more Rice a Roni and less Bangers and Mash. Stay tuned to "The Epic Man" facebook page for updates from the trip! We are still carrying on the fundraising through the rest of the journey to grant EPIC Wishes! Please click the link below to help support. When you donate, you will have a chance to guess our marathon time in SF. (Some insider info when guessing....we VERY SORE). Winner gets 2 tickets to Red Bull Air Race NYC in June! Help us reach our own goal of $3,000 in addition to the appx. $9,000 we have already raised through participation in the EPIC cruise & kayak!




FOX 23

April 11, 2010

Epic Man Mini Mix!

THE EPIC MAN MINI MIX ! Our good friend DJ Melee from Boston was kind enough to spend some time and put together this special Epic Man mini mix to help motivate us leading up to, and during the Epic Man journey. Download, run, bike, workout, and dance away!.... but please consider making a donation when you download to help support the cause. THANK YOU Jay Coppo!


April 5, 2010

Portland to Portsmouth Bike Registration!

We are happy to announce details for the Portland to Portsmouth bicycle leg of the Epic Man Journey. This portion of the Epic Man will benefit "Team Trevor". Team Trevor organizes and hosts events all year long to raise money to combat cystic fibrosis and raise awareness about this deadly disease. Created in honor of Trevor Salema, a ten year old boy who lives in Kittery, Team Trevor is comprised of Trevor’s family, friends, and local business and community partners who all with to change the future for Trevor and all the other children affected by CF. Team Trevor has raised over $1,000,000 for CF research since Trevor was born. (

The after party will be held at the Portsmouth TREK BICYCLES store right off of Route 1. Upon arrival, participants will be treated to food from Chipotle, and beer from Smuttynose. Please spread the word to family & friends! The party w/ food and beer is open to ALL. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Olivia Lord @ . By participating in the bicycle portion of the EPIC MAN, and contributing $207.80 (the amount of miles that Seth & Will will be kayaking, biking, and running during the Epic Man Journey,)you will be supporting TEAM TREVOR! If you are participating in the kayak portion, and wish to continue on the bike portion, you do not need to raise another $207.80 - but any additional donations to TEAM TREVOR will be accepted if you wish to contribute.

If you are biking, you will need to meet 12:45 at Ri-Ra in Portland, ME. Have a few pints w/ the Epic Man crew, and then it's off to Portsmouth around 2:00PM. If you can make it earlier - why not head out on the EPIC CRUISE for some pre-bike brunch and mimosas? Click HERE to register for the cruise.
More exact details coming soon....

March 31, 2010


If you wish to participate in the KAYAK portion of the Epic Man, click the registration link below. Only 20 spots available, and 6 of them are already spoken for! By participating in the Kayak portion of the EPIC MAN, and contributing $207.80 (the amount of miles that Seth & Will will be kayaking, biking, and running during the Epic Man Journey,) you are helping to raise money to benefit The Sisters' Wish and grant a number of individuals the chance to experience an Epic Wish.


For those that do not want to Kayak, but want to help support, we will be hosting an Epic CRUISE where you can drink mimosas, High Lifes, have brunch, and cheer on the Epic Man kayakers. To register for the cruise - Click the same link above for info.

After the Kayak and Cruise - we will host our first party at Ri-Ra on Commercial Street in Portland starting at 12:45PM. If you cannot make the kayak or cruise, but still want to have a few pints and support the cause - stop by! We will have some limited edition posters and other prizes to raffle off.You will also be able to donate and guess our marathon finish times. The person with the closest guess for each marathon will win some pretty killer prizes from sponsors.

And a final reminder - if you cannot make the kayak, cruise, or party - please consider donating to Will and Seth's "Epic Wish" fund!


Stay tuned for info on how to participate in the Portland to Portsmouth Bike Portion of the Epic Man, as well as info on the Portsmouth party!!


This year we have been using our EPIC MAN FACEBOOK PAGE as the main hub for updates & info. If you are on facebook, click the link above, or on the top right of this page to become a "fan". This will be the best way to stay up to date on info and the adventure. If you are not on facebook, um, well....hmmmm, you should be!

Only 3 weeks from today we will have (hopefully!) completed the Kayak, Bike, and Marathon stateside - and will be resting up (?! maybe) in Amsterdam getting ready to run the London Marathon. Between now and then, aside from avoiding injury, our main goal will be to drive participation and fundraising to help grant "Epic Wishes" through the Sisters Wish. These wishes will allow young people with challenging health situations to pursue a dream that will allow them to achieve or experience their own "Epic Man". Participation and Sponsorship will help grant multiple "Epic Wishes". Additionally, Will and Seth have committed to collectively funding an entire "Epic Wish" through our own fundraising efforts.

The Epic Man is about inspiring as many people as possible and challenging them to push their limits. We invite and encourage participation in the adventure in a number of ways. From doing the kayak or the bike ride with Will and Seth, to enjoying a brunch cruise alongside the boaters or joining one of the parties, the invitation is open to join our celebration of pushing the limits, health, fitness, community support, and of course – The “Epic” lifestyle. Every part of the Epic Man has a fundraising component, and all of the dollars we raise go directly to helping the charities we support.

The major charitable recipient is a Maine-based organization called The Sister’s Wish - which grants “wishes” to young adults (18-30) who are facing extraordinary health circumstances. It was founded by two sisters who lost their younger brother to a 20-year battle with cancer, only three days after losing their father to a freak accident, and exactly six years after losing their mother. If you wish to donate to help Will and Seth grant an "Epic Wish", please click the direct DONATION LINK. Those who donate, will also be able to guess our marathon finish times. The person with the closest guess for each marathon will win some GREAT prizes from Red Bull and Chipotle.

Muscle Milk has stepped up to the table and is funding AN ENTIRE EPIC WISH (WOO HOO!!) We hear Katie is going to try and make it out for the last 3 mile run / speed walk portion of the Epic Man. has also come forward in a strong way to help sponsor our journey to allow us to be able to take care of some necessary expenses which means more money goes towards granting Epic Wishes! Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK PAGE and right here at for updates on participation details, fundraising efforts, and our Epic Man 2010 journey.

February 6, 2010

Looking ahead: EPIC MAN 2010

We never really did take a chance to publicly thank those that supported, encouraged and helped us complete our 2009 Epic Man journey. So....THANK YOU, we couldnt have done it without you.

We did however, reflect a great amount on the insane experience that was Epic Man 2009. It all started with some crazy talk over few beers, which led to a gentlemans bet that neither of us wanted to back out on! .....But the end result was far greater than just fulfilling our end of the deal.

We were both overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration that it gave us to push our own limits, but more importantly how many others were inspired by our journey. This challenge was OUR "Epic Man", but that doesnt mean it has to be yours. Each and every person has the potential to challenge themselves to their own "Epic Man" - physically or mentally. We didnt preach that message last year, but that is what the natural end result was for us, and so many others.

For 2010 we want to carry that message and strike inspiration in many more! Why be normal, when you can be Epic?

We also want to harness the inspiration and momentum from 2009 to be able to raise money to donate to multiple charities that will ultimately enable other individuals and organizations to grow and carry their own Epic Message.

Peaks to Portland to Portsmouth to Boston is soooooooo 2009. For 2010, we are pushing ourselves one step further and will run straight through the Boylston Street Boston marathon finish line, and continue on and extra 3 miles to Logan airport where we will fly to England and finish the Epic Man challenge by running the London Virgin Marathon.

What is the same for 2010??
- Seth still doesnt have a bike he can ride for this and needs to borrow someones. Anyone??
- We are starting way behind in our training once again
- We will still host multiple parties and drink multiple beers throughout the Epic Man course
- We still don't really know what we are getting ourselves into

What is different for 2010??
- We have a very ambitious fundraising goal!
- We will welcome the community and those that want to support Epic Man to participate
- Each leg of the Epic Man will have a different Sponsor and supported charity. Those that join us on each leg will help raise money for the associated charity
- Will is going to bring an extra chain this time

That is all for now. We hope you will join us on the Epic Man challenge in 2010!
Stay tuned right here to or for more details as they come....