May 4, 2009

EpicMan make Fit at Five!

Watch the story of the EpicMan journey on WCSH Channel 6's Fit at Five with Kelly LaBrecque:

April 24, 2009

EpicMan Stats.

Total Time: 23:19
--time in kayak: 00:32
--time on bike: 13:34
--marathon time: 3:44:42 (that's right!)
Total Mileage: 171.1 miles (tacked a couple extra on for good measure)

Bike Chain Malfunctions: 5 (sigh)

Diggers taken: 1

EpicMan Calories Consumed: > or = 1 horse
EpicMan Calories Burned: > or = 1 Budweiser Clydesdale

EpicMan Beers consumed: 8
Support Crew Beers consumed: umm, > 8

Pumpkin Muffins Consumed: 13 (thanks Kiely!)

Smeared tubes of:
--Biofreeze: 3
--Cham. Butter: 5

Ibuprofen consumed: > recommended dosage

Where are we? moments: 1

Naps while pedaling: 1

Near show-stoppers: bike chain, bike chain, bike chain (bike chain), marathon morning debacle

Heroes of the day (someone get 'em a silver cape too!):
Sunday-- Drew of the UNH Cycling Club
Wee Morning Hours-- The Woburn Dunkin Donuts Man
Monday-- Andy the Marathon Announcer Dude / Caitlin's Mom

April 21, 2009

The EpicMan Recap...

Coming Soon!

Stats, video, and photos of the highs and lows. See how the adventure really went.

We're compiling everything and will unveil it on the blog very soon...

Keep checking back.

April 20, 2009

Congratulations Will and Seth!

Truly Epic from start to finish. You showed us all how it's done. Bravo.

© 2009 Jeff Carvalho -

(Thanks Jeff for the photo and the cheers!)

Through the finish!!!

HOME STRETCH! 2 miles to go

Down to the 35k...


Making our way through the crowds...

Seth and Will making their way through the hills past 30k. Still together at 2:39:57.

Back together again at the 25k

2:13:11 - Go team.

Halfway Baby!

Seth comes back and steals a second lead. They both drop a second off each mile - down to 8:20. Time is 1:48:55. Amazing the people they are passing having already been moving for 11 hours prior.


Still going strong @ 20k

Clocking in @ 1:43:22. Sun is trying to warm the city. Bearing down on the halfway point.

Will takes the lead...

By one second. At the 15k - 1;17:13(14). Still getting faster...let's hope no one is loosing lunch...

No stopping them

10k times are in and the EpicMen are actually getting faster - no joke. Time is 52:26 with split times @ 8:27.
Watch out Ryan Hall.

First Marathon Update!

After a bit of a gnarly start, the first results are in and Seth and Will are cruizin' - split times are dead even at the 5k update: 8:45!!

Off and running...

As far as we know.

Almost run time...

In Marlborough eating bagels and preparing to bike the last leg to the start line in Hopkinton.

Activity time thus far: 10 Hours and 45 minutes.

Marathon time - here we go

Signs of daylight

Five a.m. Somewhere outside North Reading. Birds starting to chirp. Sun heading our way. First morning walker on the road. And the EpicMen are still on wheels and going strong. Just conquered a monster hill in Andover and are starting to taste the finish of the bike leg.

From where we sit in the rear support car, these boys are the very definition of Epic. They are kicking ass and taking names. And the big famous finish event is still to come. All we can say is get out there and do something big today. Or stay home.

On to Marlborough...

Just entered Mass.

Oh yeah.

Chain Malfunction #2

...Only this time Will and support crew are pros. Fixed up and preparing to get back at it. Weather is cool but spirits are high and time is good. Carrying on...

Brief Education

Quick pit stop @ Phillips Exeter...

Leg Numero Dos

Pulling out of Portsmouth and heading to Hopkinton. All adjustments were made Thanks to NHSSC, the Brewery and all for a killer support party! (Even with a delayed arrival!)

April 19, 2009

They've arrived...whew!

At the Brewey and ready for refreshment!

Does anybody have a bike?

Held Up...

Almost to Portsmouth and Will's chain broke. Reinforcements are in and working on getting the duo back on course. Stay tuned.

All lit up...

Like a Christmas tree on the Kittery Memorial Bridge - meet us at the Brewery!

ceremonial departure

We are on the road! Many thanks to the awesome support from Portland - at RiRa, from Maine Island Kayak, Ernie's Cycle Shop, and WCYY! We raised good fnds for BBBS too!

Get ready Portsmouth...

One leg down...

The EpicMan has landed in Portland and is celebrating with the people at RiRa. In @ 3:52 and ready for more...

Minutes from launch...

Support crew @ Ri Ra, awaiting news of launch...

Go Time

...only a few hours until launch from Peaks Island. Team EpicMan is ready to go and pumped! Thank you everyone for your support, and we hope to see you @ one of the 3 parties, or along the course. Stay tuned right here to and for consistent updates from the journey: Peaks to Boylston...........




(insert heavy guitar riff here) ddddddduuuuuu nuuuuuuuuuuuu ddddddddduuuuuu dddddduuuuuuu


April 18, 2009

EpicMan in it.

Great article from Glenn Jordan at the Press Herald:

Taking a rough way to Boston.

One. More. Day.

April 16, 2009


Just got off the phone with Sam of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and would like to very enthusiastically announce that Urban Epic and EpicMan will be partnering with BBBS!

Reps from the organization will be present at each of the EpicMan celebrations in Portland, Portsmouth, and Boston to raise money and cheer us along on our Epic journey. PLUS some of the kids will be there to greet us as we arrive in Portland from Peaks well as deliver some very solid hi fives.

Thank you Big Brothers, Big Sisters for joining us in the EpicMan adventure!

April 11, 2009

Sunny and Epic....would be ideal.

Rainy & blah day this Saturday. Pray for good weather next weekend!

Our good friends over @ LAB Boston in Allston just got some new tees in from In4mation. One of their tees pretty much sums up how we hope next weekend turns out:

April 4, 2009

Course & Core 3

Feeling a little bit better today. Rested the back yesterday after the bike session. This morning I hit the gym and changed the workout up a bit to keep the pressure off of the back. They happened to be filming:

Off to Portland to meet with the Epic Man crew this weekend so we can get the course dialed...also getting a back massage from the one and only Julia Kirtland. Hope it helps!

April 3, 2009


I went for a decent run and hill ride yesterday. Post workout, was feeling fine. Last night before going to bed I was doing some work on the couch. I must have been sitting weird or got up weird because all of a sudden my right lower back starting hurting. Ignored it, and went to bed. Woke up, could barely get out of bed and start freaking out. Hard to sit, hard to bend over. I hop online and try to diagnose what it could best guess is this:

Who knows though? I certainly don't....the last thing I want @ this point two weeks away from the Epic Man is an injury. I barely know how to train for this let alone diagnose and treat any injury. Still freaking out, I called my doctor and training coach for a 2nd opinion:

They said to keep pushing forward. So I did a bike session this AM. Did OK, but it still hurts. Have to rest it for the day I think. More to come, praying it goes away soon.

April 1, 2009

March 29, 2009

Official Epic Man hand signal

Lets be honest. We are going to need all the motivational support we can get. Mind over matter; it will ultimately come down to sheer determination that gets us through this thing. For that reason, we proudly announce..........The official Epic Man hand signal. Some of you may have used a similar hand formation at some point (get your mind out of the gutter!) this should be easy to learn:

Step 1: Grab the ring finger on both hands with your thumbs
Step 2: With your right hand, turn horizontal so your fingers make an "E"
Step 3: With your left hand, keep vertical so your fingers make an "M"
Step 4: Place next to each other. Your hands should now read: "E" "M" ...or "Epic Man"

Show your support with the Epic Man hand signal @ the parties, in passing, or along the marathon course. It is kind of like a high five, or a thumbs up...Epic Man style. Your support will help feed our determination to keep pushing forward; leading up to, and during.... the Epic Man.

March 28, 2009

The 1st Rule of EpicMan is........

Will and I are well underway in our training for Epic Man. Will lives in Portland, ME and I live in Boston. We both have full time jobs that keep us extremely busy, but we are trying as hard as possible to fit in as much training as we can for Epic Man despite already being behind. You would think that we touch base daily/every couple days to see how each other's training is coming along, pump each other up as the date gets closer, etc...but we don't. At all. I learn more about what he is doing from when he writes into our Twitter. (

Reason being??? Not that we don't want to talk to each other. I think its just because we know that all we have to say to each other lately when we talk is...."Dude, what did we get ourselves into?!"...."What are we doing?!" .....etc...etc....hahahahaha. Regardless....we are committed to the Epic Man, and the show must go on!!

Reminded me of Fight Club.

- The First Rule of Epic Man do not talk about Epic Man.
- The Second Rule of Epic Man is... you do not TALK about Epic Man.
- The Third Rule of Epic Man...someone yells "High Life!" (1 second Superbowl commercial style) drink one.
- The Fourth Rule ....only two guys to Epic Man.
- The Fifth Rule sport @ a time.
- The Sixth Rule stopping, no sleep.
- The Seventh Rule ...Epic Man parties will go on as long as they have to.
- And the Eighth and final rule..if this is your first Epic HAVE to make it happen.

March 26, 2009

You've Got Mail

Got my official Boston Marathon Number pickup card in the mail today. Pumped on my bib number - # 2000.

Included in the packet was a brochure on optimal hydration for Marathons. It must have been an old version because I didnt see anything mentioned about Beer & Red Bull for those that are participating in 2 parties, kayaking 2 miles, and biking 135 overnight with no sleep pre-marathon. Maybe they will next year?

The EpicMoustache

So it's Mustache March in Portland, complete with the annual Stache Pag at local bier (with an "i") cafe Novare Res this Saturday night. Would like to hope that the citywide hike in handlebar bearers is directly related and will take a dive in early April. But it gets me to thinkin: mustaches and correlation? I mean, they both require training, dedication, physical sacrifice, and a long-ass amount of time on your hands.

Check out the first Olympics marathon winner, Spyridon Louis. Rumor has it that he sidelined for a glass of red wine mid-marathon and still made it in under 3 hours.

Epic. Wonder if he wore his gladiator shoes.

Mustache March is almost over, but maybe there's still time to channel the spirit of Spyridon.

March 23, 2009

Weekend Round-up

The Epic Man team got together this weekend. Tri-Maine team had a booth @ the Multisport expo all weekend and killed it over there. Post expo, got together for a BBQ, and training on the Huffy Spin Bike....the "Sunspirit".

After the workout, went to see Cut Copy @ the House of Blues. Great Show.

March 18, 2009


Exhibit A: Recommended training plan for an Iron Man

Exhibit B: Recommended training for the EpicMan.........(well maybe not recommended....but it's what we have to work with....!!!)

1 month to go. Sweet.

March 16, 2009

Badass Dinner

Neefus just got back from a work trip to Seattle. He brought back a ridiculous amount of Salmon and Crab from the famous "Pike Place" market. Grilled it up in Southie and ate every last bit.

Speaking of fish / fish oil: I take a few fish oil pills everyday. Needed to pick up some more a couple days ago and noticed that you can buy "odorless" or regular fish oil. Same exact stuff but one makes your burps/breath smell bad, and one doesnt. I went with the odorless.

So Cosmic

Cut Copy - one of my favorites. See below link for a mix they put together about a year ago. Great music for a long run. Pretty much exactly an hour long, so good for timing. Going to see these guys in Boston @ the new House of Blues this coming Sunday 3/22.

Any suggestions on other music to check out that is good for getting your sweat on? (I already have Jock Jams volume 1, 2, and 3)
email me links:

Simple Math


= Epic Man 2009

March 13, 2009


Follow The EpicMan on Twitter! Try it, you might like it.

March 11, 2009


Will and Seth’s Urban Epic-inspired journey represents everything the Epic lifestyle stands for – unique challenges, environmental sustainability, adventure-oriented communities, urban settings, parties, multisport activities, and the ultimate quest to Be Epic.

The EpicMan mission is to encourage such a vibrant lifestyle, prove that big adventures don’t have to make an environmental impact, and inspire communities to come together in the spirit of adventurous endeavors.

What is the EpicMan?

The EpicMan is a one-of-a-kind Epic adventure. It is the inspiring (or insane) journey of two everymen – Will Thomas and Seth Bradbury - who will travel 163 miles in 24 hours, from an island in Portland, Maine to the finish line at the Boston Marathon in honor of sustainability and the Epic way of life. It is a kick-off to the 2009 Urban Epic event season; and it is going to be one wild and crazy ride.

Creating their own version of the Ironman, Will (a recovering Ironman) and Seth (a guy who doesn’t own a bike) will start on Peaks Island at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 19th and kayak 2.4 miles to Portland, then bike 135 miles through the night to Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and finish running 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20th. Along the way they will stop at parties and events in Maine, New Hampshire, and Mass. to celebrate their Epic journey with the community and refuel.

They will unite the two cities that host the Urban Epic events and all the adventurous, Epic individuals in between.

Their trip is all about the journey, and you have the opportunity to be there.

Dates, times, locations of the parties will soon come...stay tuned