March 28, 2012

Epic Man 2012 - Forrest Butler

Hello Epic people!

I first need to say that I have been in awe of The Epic Man since I first started following its progress 4 years ago. I cannot explain the level of stoke that I feel now having the opportunity to join the team this year.

It wasn’t until last winter that I officially felt the spark. Mostly, I just felt the strong urge to put my fitness to the test, but was also was looking for some kind of new “hobby.” I have been an avid runner over the past few years, but never really took it beyond the “standard.” Due to the fact that hand-eye coordination has never been a particularly strong point of mine and since any shot of being heavyweight champion of the world seems to be fading, I thought the world of endurance sports was an awesome way to get out, challenge myself, stay healthy, and have some “fun.” So, while sitting around a table in Lake Tahoe with Seth “Umeme(look it up)” Bradbury, Tyler “Prefontaine” Bradbury and Nick “The Tower of Power” Pelletier, I decided I was in for Epic Man 2011.

It was not too long after we got home from Lake Tahoe that I put my name in for the Sally Of The Year Award. I chickened out. My thought was that I should probably get a marathon under my belt before attempting such a big undertaking like Epic Man. So, that’s what I did. I signed up to run in my first marathon and then quickly signed up to do my second months later, before doing my first. Thus, my journey to my first marathon and my love-hate relationship with endurance running/sports began.

Over the course of 2011 I ran in support of Epic team member Caleb Ginsberg’s fundraiser organization Motivating Miles. I had a blast all year long, met some amazing people, saw some amazing things, all while completing 3 marathons in Burlington, VT, Chicago, IL, and my own Manchester, NH. I now feel it is time to take it up a notch, turn the page, write a new chapter, etc. etc. Also, I do not want to win the SOTY Award two years running! Therefore, without further ado, EPIC MAN 2012 here I come!

March 27, 2012

EPIC MAN 2012- Nick Pelletier

Hello team...hello world,

I am joining in on the craziness this year and couldn’t be more excited.

My name is Nick Pelletier and I actually live with current team member, Tyler “Mr. Brad” Bradbury. It was watching him cruise to the finish line of last year’s Boston Marathon that lit a fire under me—leaving me thirsty to join in on the fun this year. First was to qualify for Boston, training ensued with our sights set on the Santa Rose Marathon in late August. Current team member Eddie “Money” Aten hosted us in San Fran, amply hydrating us at all the local watering holes and joining us in the race. There were successes and near-successes but ultimately we all qualified for Boston.

A late night bike accident, a separated shoulder and surgery kept me off the road for most of the fall, but I am now in the thick of training as April 15th quickly approaches. I am excited to meet all of you and learn about the stories that made us crazy enough to join this team. I hope all is well and happy training.

Also, shameless plug!

I am hoping to raise $6,000 in an effort to bring back Mission Possible, an employment program for individuals with developmental disabilities that was cut due to NH budget cuts. Check out the link!

Epic Man 2012 - Welcome Caleb Ginsberg

We are proud to announce another new member to the 2012 Epic Man team, Caleb Ginsberg!
Caleb is the co-founder of Motivating Miles, an organization that assists individuals and families facing a life-threatening illness to achieve acceptance, inner solace, and ensured legacy, through individualized journeys facilitating the fulfillment of lifelong desires. Caleb has been working hard training to be part of the Epic Man team in 2012; inspired by the stories and mission behind his organization. Read up a bit more on Motivating Miles and how you can help support Caleb's fund-raising here--> MOTIVATING MILES.
Caleb put together a video that tells his story & what being Epic means to him, check it out! Stay tuned right here to and also on our FACEBOOK PAGE to follow Caleb and the rest of the 2012 Epic Man team as we get closer to GO TIME in 3 weeks!

March 19, 2012

Bianca Pettinicchi - Update from Switzerland - Epic Man 2012

See below for a few updates from 2011 and 2012 Epic Man team member Bianca Pettinicchi.
This last weekend, Bianca's bike ride consisted of 5,000 ft of climbing and a 50 mile ride to the highest peak in the Northeastern Alps, Mount Santis where at the top she could see Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy! PICS!

You can also follow along with her training and story at her blog. A few links below talk about her longest training run ever, her mom as inspiration, and pictures of her one of a kind bike.
18 Miles & Mom as Inspiration
Bike Pictures

Stay tuned right here and at our Facebook page for more updates from Bianca and the rest of the team!

March 16, 2012

Olivia Lord - 'Mom Gets Epic' - Epic Man 2012

(photo credit Michael Young. This is during 2009 when it happened to downpour on our Portland to Portsmouth ride!)

We are proud to introduce another member of the team for 2012 - Olivia Lord!
Olivia has joined us the last two years on the Portland to Portsmouth ride - bringing along her Trek Portsmouth community for the 50 mile ride while raising money for Team Trevor. She has also hosted the Portsmouth parties the last two years at Trek Portsmouth!
This year, Olivia is in it for the entire journey. Peaks to Portland. This Mom - is getting Epic in 2012. Read all about her journey at her 'Mom Gets Epic' blog:

Welcome to the team Olivia!

March 15, 2012

Epic Man 2012 - Welcome Josh Greenblatt

We are proud to introduce the 1st new team member for '12, Josh Greenblatt. In '11, Jason Greenblatt joined The Epic Man team and inspired us all – but nobody was more inspired by Jason than his brother Josh. Check out Josh’s intro video to see his story and goals for their 2012 Epic Man adventure. Stay tuned for more updates from Josh, Jason and the rest of the team!


It has been exactly one year since I wrote my last post - -

…focusing on what can be done within one 24 hour period is quite extraordinary, year after year epic man takes this concept to new heights. and although it’s the mentality of ‘always being epic,’ it’s ideally the individuals in epic man that define what ‘being epic’ is. I continue to be inspired by what my team mates are doing for themselves, and others – all based on their personal goals and desires.

since the inception of epic man, the idea of time has always played a role in everyones journey. the physical aspect of epic man is certainly something difficult that very few people can get up one morning and accomplish. however – its what fuels each member to work to attain this goal of theirs to hike a certain distance, cycle over X amount of states, cross the finish line on boylston st or to simply get on their feet.

…and here I am one year later, asking myself – well, how did I get here?
its interesting to really take a step back and look at what has been accomplished in one year of your life, where you have been, the new people you have met, the priceless experiences you have shared – and the series of events that ultimately lead you to this very moment…and sooner or later, you ask – what can be accomplished in one 365 day year?

2011 was an epic year for me, about an hour after I crossed the finish line in boston, I got a job with an incredible company, working with an unbelievably great group of people.

…and sure, your job takes up a majority of your time (which you have to have fun with) – but where are you finding yourself? how do you choose to spend the rest of your time? the very moment I chose to partake in epic man, I was able to pinpoint how my time was spent and how it truly attributed to the person I was. I love to travel to new places, be on the go – and share those times with friends when I get the chance. this is certainly an inspiration I acquired from the original epic team; stretching the limits of where you could take the concept of ‘always being epic’ and sharing it with friends. with a crew of 20 large this year, its easy to see the inspiration from one member to the next, including myself. this holds true for the last year, solid times with solid people! a couple places where I often found myself in another part of the world:

running a radical 32 miles with new epic man team member, forrest, from brighton to mansfield in june of 2011 to go see a phish concert – all on behalf of motivating miles.

gaining steam with new epic man team member, nick – tearing apart northern california and staying with new hampshire native, ed, to run the santa rosa marathon! same as it ever was:

quality time with the family in chi-town:

spending bro time in central america, mingling with the natives………………………....

putting in some miles -

…and even behind the wheel of a different automobiles:

…while some of these epic experiences entail pushing yourself to the limit & maximizing every minute of the 24 hour day… the most important is making the most of every situation handed your way. no other athletes convey this idea better than our friends at high fives foundation. overcoming unbelievable odds and cultivating what IS willpower and strength is something that is truly epic. as epic man and high fives foundation continue to grow their bond – its amazing to see what these athletes are capable of. this past winter I was able to take a trip out to lake tahoe –

where I had the opportunity to high five with roy, phil and other members of high fives out in squaw valley. totally ‘living the dream,’ these athletes have continued to help others doing what they love. something that deeply resonated with me was being a part of helping a few athletes finally take some turns on the snow once again. albeit a small fraction – epic man has the ability to instill positivity and inspiration for one member to speak up, have some fun, hope to inspire and create a journey on behalf of others.

…this years journey of epic man 2012 will be nothing short of awesome. as I begin the one month countdown, what can be accomplished in one year almost becomes more prevalent as I look at epic man concept and ask, ‘how do I work this?’

this year I have combined two beloved hobbies of mine that stick out as I look back on the concept of time and how it is spent to find myself. once living in in the mountains of colorado and the coast of maine –snowboarding and hiking were part of a daily routine. this year, hiking tuckermans ravine and snowboarding down in the white mountains of nh before kayaking 2.5 miles, biking 157 miles overnight and running 26.2 miles will sync my long time love for these two activities – just in time for another epic journey with a great group of friends.

so, where does that highway go to in epic man 2013? I just hope I can say, ‘my god, what have I done?’

March 13, 2012

2012 - Always Be Epic

Just about one month away from 'The Epic Man' 2012, and we have a lot to share! Hard to believe that this is year #4 for the Epic Man team. 2012 is all about the ‘Always be Epic’ message which will be brought to life in many unique ways through our entire team.

In 2009 there were 2.
In 2010 there were 3.
In 2011 there were 9.
In 2012 there are over 20.

Our message “Always Be Epic” represents the spirit and drive of those who challenge themselves through a fusion of fitness, lifestyle, culture, and inspiration. All team members have a burning desire to accomplish Epic and inspiring goals and adventures on their own terms.

We have been fortunate to build encouragement & support for The Epic Man and the ‘Always be Epic’ message over the last 4 years which has come in many forms from many individuals and organizations. In 2009 when we started ‘The Epic Man’ – it was really just to see if we could do it – but the result was much more. We saw people inspired. We saw people creating and sharing their own ‘Epic Man’ stories (journeys, and goals that were ‘Epic’ to them). After 2010 and 2011, we have seen a small community come together around the mantra that you should strive to ‘Always Be Epic’ – whatever that may mean to you.

Always be Epic…. in everyday life, in health and fitness, with family & friends, and ultimately in your overall spirit and drive.

In 2012, twenty something individuals will be showcasing their epic goals and stories behind what ‘Always Be Epic’ means to them. We will all have (and share) our own adventures yet will be united as one team with one voice to inspire and be inspired by the community. ‘The Epic Man’ is simply the vehicle by which these stories will be told.

Between now and April, team members will be introduced and we will be sharing everyone’s stories. You (our community) have the ability to inspire us just as much as we hope we inspire you to ‘Always Be Epic’. So follow along, take part, and join us for the adventure! At the very least, we are going to have fun.

We’ll be posting updates here to the blog (new blog/website coming shortly! yeah, we know this one is pretty rough), and also to our Facebook Page on the routine.

Many thanks to all for your continued encouragement and support.

- 2012 Always Be Epic / Epic Man team