July 2, 2010

Epic Man 2010: Boston to..........San Fran?!

The Volcano in Iceland didnt allow us to carry out the original plan to head right to Europe and run the London Marathon. Instead, we got a couple hours of sleep, woke up the next morning and started searching for marathons around the world. We almost went to Peru, Brazil, Madrid, Costa Rica, and even Iceland - but finally landed on San Francisco. A great host city for the 2nd leg of Epic Man 2010. With no plan but to run a marathon the next Sunday, here is a quick photo recap of what went down:

Boston T card-->Red Sox Game-->Airline ticket-->SF Train ticket-->Mojito
Crashed with Ed and Lisa. Ed ran the marathon with us and killed it.
Did our fair share of partying leading up to the marathon (Those are not our coats)
Went and checked out Mavericks Surf. Status = epic
Went for a sailing Race in SF Bay. Seth almost fell off the boat
Skydiving? You won't do it.........
Skydiving and then Wine Tasting in Napa- opposites attract
Morning of the marathon!
Marin County Marathon & EPIC MAN 2010 DONE.
2 hours after Marathon Finish....Giants Game!
Tattoos. This is Will's leg.
Seth's tattoo goes a little something like this:

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