December 8, 2010

Always Be Epic TV - EPISODE 1 - Epic Man 2011 Preview

No, this is not a commercial for Flip Cameras. It is an introduction to the newest member of the team for 2011.

The goal of "The Epic Man" is to carry and share the message of inspiration to the masses to challenge yourself and others to "Always be Epic" in all areas of life.

Over the last two years since we started "The Epic Man", we have had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by so many amazing people with Epic stories to tell. This year more than ever, we have seen many of these individuals step forward and challenge themselves to bring their inspiring stories to the Epic Man journey by committing to all or part of the Epic Man in April 2011. Enter...."Flip".

"Flip" will be the one and only "torch" that will travel around the USA between now and April 2011 to meet all of the individuals who are committing to "Always be Epic" in 2011 and who will be part of our Epic Man 2011 team. We want to share their stories and have you get to know them since they will be the backbone of the Epic Man in 2011.

Every time Flip visits a new team member, that person will film themselves and introduce who they are, what they are all about, and share some Epic inspiration as they begin their journey as part of the Epic Man team. When they have finished filming, they will leave a note or something special on Flip, and send him on to the next person.

We will release each video one-by-one over the coming months to The Epic Man website, and our FACEBOOK PAGE. If you would like to meet Flip and be part of the team, just let us know and we will arrange a good time for Flip to visit you. We may also reach out directly to you, and ask (aka CHALLENGE!) you if you would like to arrange a visit with Flip. Be on the lookout!

Once a majority of the Epic Man 2011 team has been introduced....we will announce additional details on what Epic Man 2011 looks like. In the meantime, we look forward to you getting to know the newest members of the team!

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