February 6, 2010

Looking ahead: EPIC MAN 2010

We never really did take a chance to publicly thank those that supported, encouraged and helped us complete our 2009 Epic Man journey. So....THANK YOU, we couldnt have done it without you.

We did however, reflect a great amount on the insane experience that was Epic Man 2009. It all started with some crazy talk over few beers, which led to a gentlemans bet that neither of us wanted to back out on! .....But the end result was far greater than just fulfilling our end of the deal.

We were both overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration that it gave us to push our own limits, but more importantly how many others were inspired by our journey. This challenge was OUR "Epic Man", but that doesnt mean it has to be yours. Each and every person has the potential to challenge themselves to their own "Epic Man" - physically or mentally. We didnt preach that message last year, but that is what the natural end result was for us, and so many others.

For 2010 we want to carry that message and strike inspiration in many more! Why be normal, when you can be Epic?

We also want to harness the inspiration and momentum from 2009 to be able to raise money to donate to multiple charities that will ultimately enable other individuals and organizations to grow and carry their own Epic Message.

Peaks to Portland to Portsmouth to Boston is soooooooo 2009. For 2010, we are pushing ourselves one step further and will run straight through the Boylston Street Boston marathon finish line, and continue on and extra 3 miles to Logan airport where we will fly to England and finish the Epic Man challenge by running the London Virgin Marathon.

What is the same for 2010??
- Seth still doesnt have a bike he can ride for this and needs to borrow someones. Anyone??
- We are starting way behind in our training once again
- We will still host multiple parties and drink multiple beers throughout the Epic Man course
- We still don't really know what we are getting ourselves into

What is different for 2010??
- We have a very ambitious fundraising goal!
- We will welcome the community and those that want to support Epic Man to participate
- Each leg of the Epic Man will have a different Sponsor and supported charity. Those that join us on each leg will help raise money for the associated charity
- Will is going to bring an extra chain this time

That is all for now. We hope you will join us on the Epic Man challenge in 2010!
Stay tuned right here to http://www.theepicman.com or twitter.com/theepicman for more details as they come....


  1. Oh man, the craziness begins! That is exciting. I like the 2010 ambitions and know you guys will pull it off.

  2. Good luck run drink run drink fly a long ass way, run some more.......drink... run???........... I would die.

  3. As usual, you guys are freaking crazy and awesome. Love it. April 19 is my birthday, I am behind in my training, and I like beer, so I think I should run Boston with you (wink). Have fun!