March 31, 2010


If you wish to participate in the KAYAK portion of the Epic Man, click the registration link below. Only 20 spots available, and 6 of them are already spoken for! By participating in the Kayak portion of the EPIC MAN, and contributing $207.80 (the amount of miles that Seth & Will will be kayaking, biking, and running during the Epic Man Journey,) you are helping to raise money to benefit The Sisters' Wish and grant a number of individuals the chance to experience an Epic Wish.


For those that do not want to Kayak, but want to help support, we will be hosting an Epic CRUISE where you can drink mimosas, High Lifes, have brunch, and cheer on the Epic Man kayakers. To register for the cruise - Click the same link above for info.

After the Kayak and Cruise - we will host our first party at Ri-Ra on Commercial Street in Portland starting at 12:45PM. If you cannot make the kayak or cruise, but still want to have a few pints and support the cause - stop by! We will have some limited edition posters and other prizes to raffle off.You will also be able to donate and guess our marathon finish times. The person with the closest guess for each marathon will win some pretty killer prizes from sponsors.

And a final reminder - if you cannot make the kayak, cruise, or party - please consider donating to Will and Seth's "Epic Wish" fund!


Stay tuned for info on how to participate in the Portland to Portsmouth Bike Portion of the Epic Man, as well as info on the Portsmouth party!!

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