March 15, 2011


24 hours.
What can you accomplish within one 24 day?
Wake up, eat some cheerios, work, do some more work, etc…this is often the typical path of events. (?)
EpicMan takes this idea, turns it and persuades yourself to really see what you can accomplish in 24 hours. Both individually and cohesively working with other people, a lot can be accomplished within one given day. What actions are you taking on that day that is for something in the future? Whether for your career, hobby or a random personal goal, training for the EpicMan has already taught me a few of these things. Taking things day by day, everything will lead up to that one day April 17th where the idea of what you can accomplish in 24 hours is put to the test:
2.5 mile kayak
157 mile overnight bike
26.2 mile run
Each one of my days for the past few months have been set on this, and the next month or so will be nothing different.

I came to realize the impact of what one day has between January 17th and 18th of 2011. As I was finishing up my 2 week stint out in the Rockies of Colorado, the snow had been, well…epic. I didn’t think anything could top my stay in Lake Tahoe for New Years Eve, but Ullr had something else to say about that as I finished my extended stay out West. Word on the street had been 1½ - 2 feet overnight ending around 9am on the 18th for a bluebird pow day. (Anyone else’s particulars tingling as you read that?) As I woke up, I turned on the local channel to get the latest, 2+ feet had fallen. Go time. Although I don’t ski, the below video documents the epic status of powder that had fallen on the 18th. (note: video does NOT include heard “WOOO’s!!” heard from around the mountain)

Getting the 3rd chair up, I lapped peak 10 for 3 hours because there was enough snow that terrain really didn’t matter. After 3+ hours on the hill, I took off to the Front Range. On my drive home I realized it was my long run day! This was tough, because just like after a long, romantic evening with a beautiful woman, I was exhausted.
I arrived in 55 degree Denver, where it was a world apart from terrain I had been just a few short hours ago. Suns out = guns out. It was time to do my 14 miles. Running in Washington Park, there were many things to think about; the 3 month mark to EpicMan, the birthday of my late Mother, the epic end to my stay in the mountains earlier that morning, or how I was going to put forth most of my EpicMan efforts to helping out the HighFives foundation. Finally finishing the longest run I had in my training since it began, I had reflected back on my day. Having the opportunity to ride in the AM and then run 14 miles in the afternoon. This reiterated why I was amped to have chosen HighFives Foundation to run for! Having the opportunity to push my body to extreme limits is something that I have learned to not take for granted. With applying myself throughout the day, I immediately went home to work on the first stages of launching the EpicMan/HighFives donation page.

Speaking earlier that week with Roy from High Fives, my excitement grew and it was a great way to end/begin the next phase of my training.

Fast forward to present day, I am continuing to apply myself to both training and ways to better my 24 hours. I can only hope that this journey with the entire EPIC MAN 2011 TEAM continues to be inspiring to myself and others…even beyond the finish line @ Boston on April 18th, 2011.


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  1. That Girl Who Was Totally Into Ty Last NightMarch 16, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    We love you TY! Thanks for inspiring all of us to not only be better people by raising awareness for Highfives, but for breaking out of the lemming like work week and making us realize EVERY day can be E.P.I.C