April 7, 2011


At this time 2 weeks from today, I will hopefully had just traveled roughly 190 miles, powered by my body and mind. Just my legs and arms, to paddle that kayak, pedal that bike, and run that marathon.

To tell you the truth, I feel really good! A lot has happened in the past few weeks. A lot of running (did a 20 miler last weekend), more biking, a few good surfs. I started to take this kick ass Yoga/Spin class that's actually located in one of Bruce Lee's old studio's (YAS in Venice, google it). But something really epic happened since last time I posted, I GOT ENGAGED! Boo yeah!! I've got my teammate for life, and so lucky to have found such an amazing person. She has been an inspiration since I met her, and looking forward to continue this adventure called life together.

Speaking of family, unfortunately my old man won't be around for the Epic man, rather he will be in the Bahamas cracking a cold one and hopefully getting out and doing some deep sea fishing. Which I think sounds like a pretty epic time. My Dad has always lead an active life, and in honor of him, I have been growing my beard for at least a month, with no plan to shave till Mexico. Check out the pictures below. He is 30 in that picture, and I am 1 month away from the big 30.


  1. That picture is awesome man - good luck with the rest of training!

  2. You R truly The EPIC man J. I tip my hat to you my friend......

  3. Awww, "teammate for life" soooo cute, much love Jason and Eileeenerrrr!! xo