March 28, 2009

The 1st Rule of EpicMan is........

Will and I are well underway in our training for Epic Man. Will lives in Portland, ME and I live in Boston. We both have full time jobs that keep us extremely busy, but we are trying as hard as possible to fit in as much training as we can for Epic Man despite already being behind. You would think that we touch base daily/every couple days to see how each other's training is coming along, pump each other up as the date gets closer, etc...but we don't. At all. I learn more about what he is doing from when he writes into our Twitter. (

Reason being??? Not that we don't want to talk to each other. I think its just because we know that all we have to say to each other lately when we talk is...."Dude, what did we get ourselves into?!"...."What are we doing?!" .....etc...etc....hahahahaha. Regardless....we are committed to the Epic Man, and the show must go on!!

Reminded me of Fight Club.

- The First Rule of Epic Man do not talk about Epic Man.
- The Second Rule of Epic Man is... you do not TALK about Epic Man.
- The Third Rule of Epic Man...someone yells "High Life!" (1 second Superbowl commercial style) drink one.
- The Fourth Rule ....only two guys to Epic Man.
- The Fifth Rule sport @ a time.
- The Sixth Rule stopping, no sleep.
- The Seventh Rule ...Epic Man parties will go on as long as they have to.
- And the Eighth and final rule..if this is your first Epic HAVE to make it happen.

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