March 26, 2009

The EpicMoustache

So it's Mustache March in Portland, complete with the annual Stache Pag at local bier (with an "i") cafe Novare Res this Saturday night. Would like to hope that the citywide hike in handlebar bearers is directly related and will take a dive in early April. But it gets me to thinkin: mustaches and correlation? I mean, they both require training, dedication, physical sacrifice, and a long-ass amount of time on your hands.

Check out the first Olympics marathon winner, Spyridon Louis. Rumor has it that he sidelined for a glass of red wine mid-marathon and still made it in under 3 hours.

Epic. Wonder if he wore his gladiator shoes.

Mustache March is almost over, but maybe there's still time to channel the spirit of Spyridon.

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