March 29, 2009

Official Epic Man hand signal

Lets be honest. We are going to need all the motivational support we can get. Mind over matter; it will ultimately come down to sheer determination that gets us through this thing. For that reason, we proudly announce..........The official Epic Man hand signal. Some of you may have used a similar hand formation at some point (get your mind out of the gutter!) this should be easy to learn:

Step 1: Grab the ring finger on both hands with your thumbs
Step 2: With your right hand, turn horizontal so your fingers make an "E"
Step 3: With your left hand, keep vertical so your fingers make an "M"
Step 4: Place next to each other. Your hands should now read: "E" "M" ...or "Epic Man"

Show your support with the Epic Man hand signal @ the parties, in passing, or along the marathon course. It is kind of like a high five, or a thumbs up...Epic Man style. Your support will help feed our determination to keep pushing forward; leading up to, and during.... the Epic Man.

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