April 24, 2009

EpicMan Stats.

Total Time: 23:19
--time in kayak: 00:32
--time on bike: 13:34
--marathon time: 3:44:42 (that's right!)
Total Mileage: 171.1 miles (tacked a couple extra on for good measure)

Bike Chain Malfunctions: 5 (sigh)

Diggers taken: 1

EpicMan Calories Consumed: > or = 1 horse
EpicMan Calories Burned: > or = 1 Budweiser Clydesdale

EpicMan Beers consumed: 8
Support Crew Beers consumed: umm, > 8

Pumpkin Muffins Consumed: 13 (thanks Kiely!)

Smeared tubes of:
--Biofreeze: 3
--Cham. Butter: 5

Ibuprofen consumed: > recommended dosage

Where are we? moments: 1

Naps while pedaling: 1

Near show-stoppers: bike chain, bike chain, bike chain (bike chain), marathon morning debacle

Heroes of the day (someone get 'em a silver cape too!):
Sunday-- Drew of the UNH Cycling Club
Wee Morning Hours-- The Woburn Dunkin Donuts Man
Monday-- Andy the Marathon Announcer Dude / Caitlin's Mom

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Will and Seth!!! What an awesome adventure! I heard about your plan the day before the Boston Marathon from a few other Bowdoinites and am psyched I found this blog to check up on how it went! What an impressive BOSTON marathon time finish after all of that. Congrats again!