April 3, 2009


I went for a decent run and hill ride yesterday. Post workout, was feeling fine. Last night before going to bed I was doing some work on the couch. I must have been sitting weird or got up weird because all of a sudden my right lower back starting hurting. Ignored it, and went to bed. Woke up, could barely get out of bed and start freaking out. Hard to sit, hard to bend over. I hop online and try to diagnose what it could be...my best guess is this:

Who knows though? I certainly don't....the last thing I want @ this point two weeks away from the Epic Man is an injury. I barely know how to train for this let alone diagnose and treat any injury. Still freaking out, I called my doctor and training coach for a 2nd opinion:

They said to keep pushing forward. So I did a bike session this AM. Did OK, but it still hurts. Have to rest it for the day I think. More to come, praying it goes away soon.

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