March 28, 2012

Epic Man 2012 - Forrest Butler

Hello Epic people!

I first need to say that I have been in awe of The Epic Man since I first started following its progress 4 years ago. I cannot explain the level of stoke that I feel now having the opportunity to join the team this year.

It wasn’t until last winter that I officially felt the spark. Mostly, I just felt the strong urge to put my fitness to the test, but was also was looking for some kind of new “hobby.” I have been an avid runner over the past few years, but never really took it beyond the “standard.” Due to the fact that hand-eye coordination has never been a particularly strong point of mine and since any shot of being heavyweight champion of the world seems to be fading, I thought the world of endurance sports was an awesome way to get out, challenge myself, stay healthy, and have some “fun.” So, while sitting around a table in Lake Tahoe with Seth “Umeme(look it up)” Bradbury, Tyler “Prefontaine” Bradbury and Nick “The Tower of Power” Pelletier, I decided I was in for Epic Man 2011.

It was not too long after we got home from Lake Tahoe that I put my name in for the Sally Of The Year Award. I chickened out. My thought was that I should probably get a marathon under my belt before attempting such a big undertaking like Epic Man. So, that’s what I did. I signed up to run in my first marathon and then quickly signed up to do my second months later, before doing my first. Thus, my journey to my first marathon and my love-hate relationship with endurance running/sports began.

Over the course of 2011 I ran in support of Epic team member Caleb Ginsberg’s fundraiser organization Motivating Miles. I had a blast all year long, met some amazing people, saw some amazing things, all while completing 3 marathons in Burlington, VT, Chicago, IL, and my own Manchester, NH. I now feel it is time to take it up a notch, turn the page, write a new chapter, etc. etc. Also, I do not want to win the SOTY Award two years running! Therefore, without further ado, EPIC MAN 2012 here I come!

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