March 27, 2012

EPIC MAN 2012- Nick Pelletier

Hello team...hello world,

I am joining in on the craziness this year and couldn’t be more excited.

My name is Nick Pelletier and I actually live with current team member, Tyler “Mr. Brad” Bradbury. It was watching him cruise to the finish line of last year’s Boston Marathon that lit a fire under me—leaving me thirsty to join in on the fun this year. First was to qualify for Boston, training ensued with our sights set on the Santa Rose Marathon in late August. Current team member Eddie “Money” Aten hosted us in San Fran, amply hydrating us at all the local watering holes and joining us in the race. There were successes and near-successes but ultimately we all qualified for Boston.

A late night bike accident, a separated shoulder and surgery kept me off the road for most of the fall, but I am now in the thick of training as April 15th quickly approaches. I am excited to meet all of you and learn about the stories that made us crazy enough to join this team. I hope all is well and happy training.

Also, shameless plug!

I am hoping to raise $6,000 in an effort to bring back Mission Possible, an employment program for individuals with developmental disabilities that was cut due to NH budget cuts. Check out the link!

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